This blog tracks the adventures of our family, The Danby family, as we attempt a new life overseas. 

‘The Danby Circus’ phrase was originally coined to summarise the feelings of chaos we (The Danby’s) created when arriving with our wild noisy boys.  We left England and took the chaos with us in August of 2014 purchasing a 27ft Winnebago in Iowa USA of all places, filled it with more crap than one can conceive and headed across the Mid West, down the East coast, then south into Central America. 25,000 miles over one year. When internet and energy allowed we updated this blog so our  family and friends (and anyone else who cares to read) could see where we were. During that time we chanced upon a funny little community on the beach that had once been and still is to some degree an RV park with a darling school nearby in the Mexican jungle (and a Home Depot in the nearest town) it looked like it ticked a ton of boxes for us so we bought ourselves a bargain grass hut on the beach and shipped yet more crap from England. Best described as an online postcard rather than an informative blog, you’re unlikely to learn much but we hope that you enjoy.

11 responses to “HOME

  1. Brilliant Darling Danby’s… GOOD LUCK!! Wish I was coming with you!!
    Loads of love, Doda XXX 🙂

  2. At some point on your journey we will be coming to add a few more clowns to the big top! Can’t wait to watch it all unfold – it’s going to be amazeballs xxx

  3. Cirque de Soliel has nothing on you guys…. We look forward to watching Cirque des Danby’s unfold and hopefully going wild in the USA! X Maggie

  4. Hi, have a fun time on your journeys, thanks for letting me be a part of the fun🎪 hope you will remember Skaneateles, N.Y. with fond memories. Claudia

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