Boxers, boxes, bins


As a first time dog owner, i’m staggered at the number of people who stop and chat, when i’m with the dog. They seem completely at ease to talk at length about their dogs, showing me photos of them and asking all the right questions about my dog; boy or girl? how old? whats her name? my hasn’t she got big paws..she’s going to grow big that one…etc etc. Its surprised me how few engage at the same time with the human children that are often with me, obviously feeling much less inclined to share photos of their children, or make any real enquiries into the foot size or future career potential of mine. Ho hum.

Horacio, the Extremely patient dog trainer at the local pound, has had our boxer Taco almost every day for the last 4 weeks.


She’ll do almost anything for him. With me, if she’s in the mood, happily fed, not too tired and with no distractions, she’ll sit, lay down, wait, run, stop and walk alongside. If there’s a bird, cat, squirrel, another dog, some food, a car, bus, lorry, a mexican or, God help us, a rabbit (friends have one. Its days are numbered) then she’s off. Like our two boys, no amount of shouting works.

So i’m definitely not talking about the dog any more…

Crates of Crap


Sophie worked non stop a week ago, packing our remaining UK belongings into 3 piles. Charity, Mexico and Bin. Thankfully the Mexico pile was just the essentials for life. Yep, thats a plastic cactus. On its way to Mexico. Where the cactus grow.

Getting Demolished

A few months ago we tried to buy a beachfront lot near here,  with 3 houses already on it. The price was within grasp and we were told it came with legal title and legal access. It would’ve been a great project, but unfortunately it transpired not to have any legal access. The road that had been used to reach the property had been gated off a few weeks into our negotiations, and to get into dispute with the local neighbour felt like inviting unnecessary stress into our lives, so we pulled out. Its still there. If anyones interested..

Instead we bought another palapa. This time, its right on the sandy beach. Its under deconstruction now and will be gloriously cleared of any remaining structure next week. The roof is coming off right now..


Which inspired me to create a more weather resistant covering for our beach vehicle…


Continuing the construction theme and his mothers love of building projects, coincidentally, Billy has just bought a house in Sussex and is in the process of demolishing the rear half of it and rebuilding, bravely whilst living in it. Good job its summertime Bill…


And Daisy’s running her first food truck in central London. Its amazing and she’s doing really well. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re headed to a festival or a wedding this year…!


Finally, Milo had his first scuba dive lesson yesterday. He was totally stoked. Seeing starfish and Lionfish, he’s decided to do a whole lot more diving, so i’m hoping to take delivery of some dive tanks, scuba kit and an air compressor this weekend from a friend who’s clearing out his garage here.


As all that is still not enough, Sophie is powering on with her eco warrior status, negotiating and building recycling centres; a growing practice here n Mexico of separating cans, cardboard and plastic from landfill in household trash. And she got Mike to build the first…


As for me, well my social conscience was more just socialising. It took me just far enough to join my great friend Geoff, to celebrate his birthday in Ljubliana. It was social alright. 4 days of loafing around in various cafe’s, bars, restaurants with half a dozen grumpy old men like me. Huge fun and especially to spend time with old friends, all sponsored by Geoff. What a star. Though now he’s 60, he’s officially an old dog.

Damn. I said that bloody dog word again




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