Meet The Danbys

We are the Danby’s, well actually the Danby/Zillers. Papa Russell, Mum Sophie, and 4 children, two families of 2 children, 20 years apart, I probably don’t need to explain why I’m off. Billy and Daisy Ziller (26 & 23), my darling children I had in my 20’s are both now living and working in London and will visit us en route. Then Milo and Jonah the much loved little brothers (6 & 3) with whom we are embarking on this adventure. DSC_1016DSC_0394

Dad Russell, adored by us all, super funny, super indecisive, super capable. We same same as they say in Thailand (except I’m not funny or indecisive or am I??… I’m not sure) same age, same logic, same approach to life, same inadequacies, same fears, same aspirations. . Met when we were 40, fell crazily in love, knew I’d be with him for the rest of my life from day one. Born in York but figures he’s Danish (viking) as he loves sailing, swimming, raw fish and women. His blogs when he contributes will be a delight. DSC_0123

Me…Sophie, currently the blogger. 48, 4 kids. Love a chat. Love my kids (most of the time) Seem to spend my life chasing my tail, giving myself an overwhelming list of tasks that are unachievable. I’m hoping this trip isn’t another one! DSC_1139

Milo the elder of the younger two (confused?? so am I most days) has immense levels of energy and a zest for anything loud. Loves water, zip wires, climbing, dancing, making crazy sculptures, laughing and being naked. He’s at his happiest in enormous spaces where he can do what he wants when he wants and will keep himself amused for hours. As long as there’s bugs, mud, weapons & rope, he is one happy boy. More suited to tribal life in the jungle than a prep school in Tunbridge Wells. He should suit this nomadic lifestyle quite well…and if anyone knows of a device that’ll track him down when he’s gone walkabout I’d be more than interested…I’m serious, this kid never looks back!IMG_0518DSC_1022

Jonah, the bubba, has just turned 3, loves his food and books. Wants to learn to read NOW! Has worked out a super cute expressions to use when he wants to ask for something that would have the hardest prison warden setting him free. Would probably watch TV from morning to night if we let him (we’ve actually had to remove the television from our house). An easy little bean to hang out with if you feed him regular. But don’t ever tell him he’s cute, it drives him nuts, any fussing by passerby, you’ll receive the fiercest scowl. A little work on that area me thinks.

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