Antje & Bruno

Our first friends (although not technically met on our BIG trip) were made over breakfast in Marrakech back in April 2014. Antje & Bruno from Berlin were in search of snake charmers much the same as us. Obviously we have boys! A walk to the medina and navigation of local placing sad looking monkeys on our children’s heads, pushy sellers with noisy toys and crazy potion selling witch doctors, the snakes in were found, box ticked. A lively ride in a horse drawn carriage to a wonderful 5* hotel & gardens recommended by Antje where she treated us to the most expensive ice-cream known to man. Gravel castles made on the boules court and a request from the staff that the children vacate the rather beautiful pool (oh yes there were tears) they then spent half an hour playing in the front entrance fountain, not sure how happy the staff were about that! A thoroughly enjoyable day spent together chatting & haggling over sandals & purses in the souks and pasta on a roof top terrace restaurant. Russell, a little tired, from carrying a sleeping Jonah takes a rest on the floor!
We loved Marrakech and we LOVED spending it with Antje &image





image Bruno!

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