Happy Boys

Let’s start with the near disasters. Yes I forgot my fake tan and no they don’t sell it in any of the 7 departments stores across the mid west I’ve made Russ detour to purchase. The sofa shipped from the UK takes up more room in the RV than your average Walmart customer and Russ is threatening to burn it on the campfire. I’m not even going to mention we nearly  lost Milo in the fast flowing Mohawk River. Well a slight exaggeration, he slid underwater but Russ had time to remove his shorts in order to expedite a rescue.

Highlights of our week

Strong Museum of Play, a MUST if you ever find yourself in Rochester NY. Not wanting to gush but quite the best I’ve EVER been to. Contraptions jettisoning balls through wire gutters around the ceiling. Instruments that played when your poured silicon sand through. An entire kids supermarket with bakery, deli, meat counter, where the kids shopped with mini trolleys and checked out on mini tills that gave an accurate receiptimage


Also had a TV studio where they could record themselves as a weather reporter or cook show host complete with audience.  Finally we took the butterfly tour and bought some overpriced tat from the gift store..happy day!




One response to “Happy Boys

  1. I love these updates! God my life seems so mundane versus the journey you’re embarking upon. I would LOVE to see interior pics of the RV – for some reason I keep thinking of ‘breaking bad’ whenever I see an RV! Keep the updates coming.

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