Left and Landed!

Thanks to the generosity of Julia and Aaron, who let us camp at their house in the days before we left (Julia, thank goodness you didnt see your house whilst we were there…) we managed to pack our few light belongings into 135kgs of luggage, spread over 8 suitcases and a floor full of hand luggage.




Fortunately someone had left his vasectomy until a week before the flight, so couldnt lift anything at all, which made the airport experience so much more interesting, but we made it to a very wet Minneapolis – which Jonah made a little wetter….


Minnesota and across Iowa, the corn capital of the world


We signed a million documents to get our Recreational Vehicle (campervan for the brits). Milo has named her Sunny. Sophie’s planning on some decorative modifications obvi….


Celebrated with a night at Nicole’s – who was our sales rep at Lichtsinn Motors and so much more for us. Including Milo, our 6yr old, completing the Ice Bucket Challenge


and scoffing steak  with snickers salad (if you havent tried it, its as good as it sounds!)


gathered logs for our first camp fire


flew kites in the car park, whilst Sophie bought everything from shelving, blackboard paint, a hand drill, food, beer and a gun cabinet (ok its a lockable safe. Would i really feel at ease cooped up in a van when Sophie had access to a semi automatic weapon. Hmm)



We drove for 10 hours through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and ended up here at Yogi Bears RV park next to Lake Michigan.

We’re sat in the van, its 10am, its dark with thunder and lightning and we’ve got sunburn from yesterdays scorching, cloudless sunshine….go figure.












2 responses to “Left and Landed!

  1. Thank you for giggle first thing on a grey uk morning (: adore photo of Jonah peeing! The boys look so happy, have a wonderful weekend in Sunny! Huge kisses to you all xx

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