Homarus and Haircuts


Or, ”Stop punching your little brother!!”

So that was today’s lesson for Milo and he’s now contemplating upon it.

Some days are crammed just preparing, eating and clearing up from 3 meals a day, plus snacks, washing, cleaning, driving, school lessons and arguing – with the children and each other – that there’s barely enough time to look around.

Sadly I’ve been too angry to remember to photograph myself shouting at the children, but Sophie got her own back with Milo’s recent haircut…..


which turned out slightly worse than mummy had planned….

Cake solves everything however…..


Meanwhile, i carry on with the delusion that i’m still in my twenties, with my recent purchase-



We’ve totally blown the budget in Maine. The whole coastline is an endless array of beautiful New England houses, bathed in late autumn sunshine, and an endless choice of waterside seafood restaurants, chilled white wine and the best local microbrewery choice…

Maine caught 100 million lbs of lobster for the world last year and its Very cheap here. We bought 4 fresh out of the tank from the fisherman, and as the boys watched them boil in outdoor wooden vats, neither ate their lobster dinner and Milo is now vegetarian……



Final thought – we met a family taking a break from their work as lawyers in Boston. Unbelievable how similar our experiences were in the first few days of being in a confined space. Both parents on the brink of divorce, but all happy again when the sun shines and the beach becons…..

Our boys are still learning how to play nicely with girls. Still something caveman about their approach…..


2 responses to “Homarus and Haircuts

  1. As I couldn’t access Sophie, I had to make do with some of her other Besties! So got on the blower to Merissa, and Sandra came to one of my classes – all agreed, big void without Sophie and boys, but proud to say we are managing! I have yet to make a “Sophie” doll to take around with me everywhere…. big hugs to you all darlings – Catherine sends Milo a big kiss!! xxx

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