Heading North

Home again, Sophies’s happy to be back in ‘Sunny’ (the children’s name for our mobile gypsy wagon) with our memory foam mattress and the ability to make a proper cup of tea. Frankly I’m glad to not have to carry 80kgs of luggage any further in a tropical climate and be back on the road making forward progress with beer in the fridge.

The boys were just happy…


Leaving Chetumal – our southern most city in Mexico – we were all packed to drive when my typical response to Sophies question ”do you need me to guide you back?” was an overly confident ‘no, no, no, I’ve done this a thousand times’ etc etc. Somehow, a palm tree, that was clearly not there a few minutes ago did this to our carrier rack….


Though the tree looked almost happy about it


Of course we found a metal workshop up the road and within an hour, the guy had rebuilt the whole thing, better than new, for 500 pesos or about 30 quid. Love Mexico.

Education wise, Jonah asked me what ‘ruins’ are – aside from his parents – and wanted to know why we are looking at more stones. Good question. But these are truly stunning. Coba was the most vertigo enducing and is a place where Mayans offered sacrifices to the gods in the hope of a good harvest. A confident mother tries to look glamorous half way up, but look closely at the white fist clenching the rope


In awe of his surroundings, obviously Jonah then gave the summit his ritual blessing…


before the obligatory foot photo


and returning safely to base camp


for much needed refreshments


Then the BIG drive – 108 miles. It doesn’t sound much but it took 7hrs.

Mexico has had a policy of slowing traffic by placing speed bumps or topes, before every town, village, settlement, hamlet, slope, incline, bend.. you get the picture… So even though the roads look endless


I crashed over these bumps every few minutes crossing the Campeche border where pork and poultry are confiscated from anyone carrying them, Sophie was literally saving our bacon, hiding it in cupboards, but following a convoy of lorries transporting pigs on their way to, erm, piggy heaven, where we were sprayed in pig piss. You could smell the irony.


If that wasn’t enough children risk getting run over by holding ropes across the road to slow you down to a stop to beg, sell or generally hang on to the window in the hope you’ll take them with you.

Chiapas  road barrier

Then obviously beware of the bats!


To take their minds off our conversation and learning the history of Mexico, the boys organized a disco


and an ice cream eating contest.


Next stop the beautiful ruins of  Palenque


but watch out for the scary Iguanas


beautiful waterfalls with creepy bat caves that Milo insisted his mother crawl into


then more driving through incredible countryside


with some surprising road surfaces


and a wealth of visual images


and local countrymen


and countrywomen


to arrive at yet more ruins, the highest in the county…yep that’s Soph in her running gear at the top! Can feel the smug look from here.


Before a leisurely ride back on the one horsepower mexican motorbike


heading to the mountains and the beautiful town of St Christobal, where the roads to the campground were so tiny, an extra coat of paint and we wouldn’t have made it

Chiapas Trip (2)

and the campground is filled with 4×4 campers, Sunny looks suspiciously out of place


The town is beautiful and we could spend weeks here…eating tapas and listening to musicians, though I look more interested in the menu here, its really a great place.

st christobal


a few of our favorite shots from today





Please forgive the indulgent shot of my little cowboys. They’re reading Marvel comics in Spanish now. Yes I’m too tight to purchase, bless the patient shopkeeper…


And this is what I want as my next toy, in Sunburst orange.P1080722

This is what I’ll likely get. In Gay Cowboy Lemon..


More to follow shortly, the journey north continues this week. OK we’re actually driving west to Acapulco but sort of north…and away from the sound of howler monkeys. It sounds spoilt, but Google it and think of being woken by that racket at 5am….

R & S xx



11 responses to “Heading North

  1. You all look so well and suntanned. So glad you are having such fun but I’m so jealous. I’m just washing up while watching 24hrs in A and E on the telly!
    Lots of love and hugs and kisses
    Helen, Jon and Henry xxxxx

  2. Dear Family, What A wonderful adventure!! Well done to you all. Hope we can provide something as adventurous but contrasting, maybe Sophie running up Uluru where Phil did a mapping survey back in the 5o’s? That’s a rock the boys might be impressed by! Can’t wait.Love you.Ruth.

  3. Love these updates!! Hope that we might see you in the near future again :).

    We just got back for sunny Puerto Rico!! It was very relaxing and we had a great time together.

    Take care and stay safe!!

    Lucie, Matt, Ellie and Misha

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Hi Guys! Do try and visit the Copper Canyon (Spanish: Barrancas del Cobre) on your way North, it is wonderful and huge! love Mexico, wish I was there too 😀xxx

  5. So enjoying the pics and the captions. Thanks for the effort in posting them between all the fun. Love to you all. Janaki and Graham

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