Living the dream

First wifi in a week and my commitment  to ‘shorter’ more frequent blogs,  brings you news of this week in southern Mexico. Also a new map showing our route so far and latest destination, you can see details at the bottom of blog.


We are throughly enjoying our travels, new destinations and new friends daily, this is how we thought it would be…7 months in and we’re ‘Living the traveling dream’  No crashes, injuries, arguments, wrong turns, hideous RV parks, cloned credit card, adverse weather or stomach upsets. We’re enjoying whilst this fleeting moment lasts!


We were sad to leave San Cristobal. It was a wonderful time.


Our own Euro Summit, We chanced upon a unique moment where 8 or 9 Europeans all camped in San Cristobal. 4 families with children. Very unusual. Mostly Germans, Belgians and Dutch with us the token Brits. Proving you don’t need to live in a tent on the roof of your all terrain 4 wheel drive military vehicle….


Jonah’s first bike was purchased…Mexican styley.


Lego brought our nations together, through the medium of Danish modular construction bricks,


that and Tito the dog whom Milo was off adventuring with.


We haven’t we met another English family on the entire trip other than The Lallies who I’m not going to count, as they were Irish and making their way back from living in Canada for years. We meet many Europeans who also say they never meet any British, we are the first…why is that? We once almost conquered the planet. Do we now just sit home drinking tea and watching X Factor?!

San Cristobal experience was so good we decided to ‘caravan’ with the two of the other families. Both had undertaken inspiring journeys in vans a quarter the size of ours.

A German couple with 2 children, driving down from Canada;


The Belgians who started in Uruguay, headed to Belize:


The others were either on their way back from, or headed further South.

Next stop was the Hogar Infantile, a beautiful children’s home and orphanage on a ranch in Chiapas. Milo and Jonah played and played and donated some their toys, clothes and shoes.



Wonderfully gracious and appreciative children



Russ helped out in their English class


Friday night ‘Movie Night’ in the van….


A 1hr, very rocky drive to Sima de las Cotorras (Abyss of the Parrots) and a massive almost perfectly round sinkhole 525 feet (160 meters) wide and 460 feet (140 meters) deep.


That’s amazing enough, but the forest at the bottom of this sinkhole is home to hundreds of green parrots which fly out en masse each morning and trickle back in every afternoon. A beautiful walk was interrupted by the largest downpour we have ever witnessed. The irrepressible Milo was delighted!


An 8 hour drive across the mountains to the beaches of Oaxaca. A gorgeous beach with a few restaurants, this has been built as the next Cancun in-waiting though as yet there are just manicured lawns and a few beautiful looking large swish hotels. If you like nosing at cheap beachfront property

We have the first wifi in a week, oddly rarely missed these days.


‘Our Map’ is on the Home page, click on this and then click on the map it will open a ‘Tripline’ map which shows were we are. The last 3 months are accurate but prior to this I have only put in the rough route we took to get here but not all the stops and certainly not the right schedule… bear with me (if indeed you even care) as some ‘date’ investigation is undertaken!

And lastly just cos I love this one


more ‘news’ next week.  Lots love x x

3 responses to “Living the dream

  1. Awesome blog post Sophie. Missing you guys and it seems like you are totally in a roll!!!! Do you have any idea of your quick visit back here in July/August yet? Our time is being sectioned off rapidly for some reason. Camping trips, weddings, visitors from Australia etc. I am not going to miss out on seeing you guys. Any update on the plans???? I am still keeping my fingers crossed we get to visit you somewhere warm for Xmas!!!! Big love to you all. It all looks fantastic I am so impressed xxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks darling, glad you like. We’re back on the 21st July, wedding 26th, back in Sussex/Kent/London around the 10th August. Haven’t booked our tickets out of the UK but got Caroline’s 50th on the 21st Sept and Daisy’s B day is the 23rd so def staying till then. Worked out 28 sets of people to visit and Milo wants his party…it’s going to be busy for us too! You’re on the top of the list after family so we’ll plan around you to see you as much as poss
    x x

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