A stunning but hideous 8 hour drive from san cristobal to Ocxaca (pronounced strangely wa-ha-ka) a toe curling, finger gripping, stomach churning, continuously twisting road up and over a mountain range, yes for 8 hours!!! that deserves 3 exclamation marks!!!. Russ slinging our 5 tonne cumbersome bus of an RV (sorry Sunny) like she was his beloved Aprilla, sweeping the perilous curves with all the life concerns of man on death row, I swear I blacked out several times!!




Jonah was as cool as a cucumber

The boys did star jumps and stretches to relieve redundant muscles



Luckily the Gods were with us as we drove through La Ventosa Wind Farm (I’m not being picky but shouldn’t it be ‘electricity farm’, they’re not making wind!) renown for the damage caused to any unstrapped/loose material, the fact that we had been remiss in fixing the broken sky lights (which were smashed after we rather inadvertently left Sunny under a fruit tree with fruits that looked like kiwi but were clearly not and possess the quality of cricket balls) somehow or other that moment the wind died and we passed through like the parting of the seas for Moses.


We arrived just in time for a lightning storm


And an airing of our latest fave outfit


Renowned for it’s crafts we shopped and shopped in a fraction of the thousands of Ocxaca’s market stalls. This lovely lady was selling fried grasshoppers, a great deterrent for bad boy behaviour we found!


Russ found the boots of his dreams and is more metro sexual and sexy than ever!


And I’ve got my eye on my latest ‘wheels,


Sunny got a service, fearing we’d ‘cooked’ her brakes on the journey. She was a happy girl after a flush through and a full lube.


An hour drive away, Hierve del Agua, a petrified waterfall, apologies as it seems rather shoddy & slightly remiss in not having actually having a photo of that bit but the pools above were beautiful!


Where we arrived just before the crowds


A quick lunch and another 7 hour drive followed. The days of traveling around Mexcio and the US seems remarkably close to ending and the earlier relaxed (lazy) traveling style has been replaced with a itinerary to rival the

2 responses to “Ocxaca

  1. Glad to hear you guys are safe and still as funny as ever.Will be waiting with bated breath to hear the next episode of the Danby Circus. Have your ever thought of making it into a reality show??? You could make millions.
    debbi & rich in Paamul

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