Beaches & burnt bums

Right this is going to be a ‘quickie’    Basically we’ve not done much and the next few weeks are crazy so it’s now or …well not ‘never’ but at least another couple of weeks.

2015-06-05 16.51.45

Still in Hawaii, back from Big Island to Oahu.  Made one last trip to overstay our welcome at Jeff & Carly’s before they left the Island the next morning.


We loved Big Island with it’s spewing volcano, but Oahu is something else. Crikey it’s beautiful. Russ is properly ‘IN LOVE’  with the place and whilst we all know and love darling Danby’s penchant for frequently falling in love with exotic places, drooling over estate agents windows and dreaming of an international move, quite frankly at $9 for a carton of milk he’s having a giraffe! (get a cow cos we’re definitely going to live here. Russ)

2015-06-02 15.45.39We’ve spent most of the last week on one of the islands stunning beaches. Body boarding is the order of the day…


or swinging in trees



We did attend a Hawaiian Luau, lots of gorgeous hip swaying dancing, fire dancing and a pig in a pit.

2015-05-31 19.23.19

2015-05-31 18.03.35

Milo got to swing some balls

2015-05-31 17.49.41and I got to …

2015-05-31 20.10.16

Jonah learnt a new way to get the max from the island juice

2015-06-02 19.39.53We’ve swum with turtles everyday or is it that they’ve swum with us…some were even techy enough to have their own wifi. Crikey I coulda used that in Mexico!

2015-05-28 17.20.24-2This giant seal came and laid down next to us this morning for his morning nap….this is one of the 37 photos Milo took!  (doesn’t look it but he’s about 9 ft long)

2015-06-09 09.42.05-1

So that’s it, beaches, balls, boogie boards and roast boar.



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