Putting down tent pegs

photo 2

Yes we’ve done it, we’ve bought a beach shack on the coast of the Caribbean in Mexico. We’ve shaken hands and emptied the piggy bank for what is, actually, a 20 year old trailer under a palm frond roof….5 star it ain’t (though it may have tea/coffee facilities and a trouser press).

But it’s on the ocean and the water is turquiose AND the kids can run barefoot AND the sea breeze blows through whilst you sleep AND the ocean crashes on the rocks below our windows and turtles nest in the white sand beach.

(that’s our yard)

photo 5


If our timing is anything to go by,.. arriving to Hawaii’s erupting volcano days after the lava flow ground to a halt; taking the Vancouver whale watching tour the day after the entire pod of 40 Killer Whales swam, jumped and frolicked whilst humpback whales looked on: arriving in Texas the day after the famous, once a year Rodeo…I could go on but you get the idea…Well it’s the start of the hurricane season that’s all I’m saying!!!


So if it’s still there when we move there end of August you’re all invited!

Gone is the plan to head for Oz, the far East and New Zealand as was our original intention. The real truth is it’s God damn hard living in a confined space with 2 boys who’s ‘go to’ activity is punching the sh*t out of each other. I haven’t even touched on our shocking lack of ability to homeschool. So they’re going to school.

The Danby Circus tour has come to an end We’re done!

I want shelves for my stuff! I want more than a square foot of kitchen worktop space.

This world is more beautiful than I’d imagined. I feel like we’ve been living in the pages of national geographic some days. But there’s only so much you can take in. Who know’s for how long, I know I’m not ready to come home yet. My yearning for a different life to the commuter wife, middle England, prep school mother is strong.

Russ is not so convinced about our move, strangely he feels too young to ‘retire’ and wonders what the hell he’s going to do! Keeps banging on about getting back to work and securing our financial future. He’s got a point I’d have us barefoot and living on mung beans whilst wondering why my children are illiterate and I’m selling my diamonds to buy more mung beans.

We might be like those lazy little piggies in the straw house when the wind blows, running from the wolf (hurricane) whilst everyone else will be sitting pretty in bricks & mortar.

This is not a sensible secure safe decision,

It’s from the heart!

I want the boys to have freedom and sunshine. And Goddamn it…I NEED heat!


17 responses to “Putting down tent pegs

  1. Hi Sophie and Russ. wow you’re living the dream! I love reading your posts and especially this one – so interesting to see how your journey is panning out. Am living it all vicariously through your stories so keep them coming and look forward to hearing more – the new pad looks idyllic. Sharon xxxx

  2. Pissing myself laughing! and I am only a few paragraphs in!
    You are my heroes, my gurus, and my guinea pigs!
    You have made Tunbridge Wells so much more… attractive! X

    • Peter I don’t know what to say….is Tunbridge Wells more attractive because we’re leaving??? Actually now I think about it ….you’re right we do tend to lower the tone.

      But shhhhh don’t tell our new neighbors!!

  3. The best post so far. I have not yet had to trade diamonds for Pinto Beans in South West Colorado, If you are not too far from us, I want to visit. In fact, I may move in with our 2 enormous dogs for the entire Winter. In fact, I will start packing today……

    • Thanks for the support guys! We’ve read your blog and it was very much on our bucket list to visit you both in Colorado . It’s just over 2 weeks before we finished this tour and we’ve a ton of stuff to do on the RV to sell it so we’d be delighted if you come down to Mexico, we’d love to have you over! You can even bring the dogs!

  4. Hey Sophie!!! What an awesome story!!! And what a beautiful location! We must come visit. And vice versa.
    Jessica and I also went through the same consideration processes that you and Russ experienced.

    The freedom one gets from dropping all the dependencies and automaticities, “rebooting” your lives and creating tour own environment is … (fill in the blank). For me it was incalculable and ever expanding.

    Replacing old stable data and “now I am supposed tos” with your own creation is priceless!! Universes are made of such actions!

    Great ones!

    And, what the hell – if you feel underpriviledged or an odd one out you can always get a few bucks together selling sea shells and take a trip to Heathrow and drive around in traffic for a few days – just for variety.

    We do it for a few months a year in winter when we go to Clearwater. Go to CW, drive on US 19 or Gulf to Bay in traffic and watch all the introverted texters on their Iberries and BooPads.

    Yes indeed – VERY important s

  5. Wow. Just do it. Enjoy the new challenge and live every day to the fullest. Russ can always become a day trader…

  6. Haha! Once you step off the hamster wheel there really is no getting back on. Good for you guys! See you soon xxxxx

  7. How insanely cool of you to do that! So inspiring… I wish we could just teleport in for a Dandy supper and goooood dad dancing/posing. I can taste the garlic just by thinking of it – hey – maybe that’s it – if I close my eyes and think of garlic….

    No – damn – still here!

    Post some video – we want a tour!

    Loads of love to you two and the other small two. School on the beach eh – life is hard.


    PS So – those WERE real diamonds – we assumed paste darling!

    • Mawwwhh! Thanks guys. So pleased your pleased, Think of you often not just cos garlic but the whole meeting friends/traveling in an RV/crazy dancing thing.

      Come visit & dad dance on the beach with us in Mexico. You gotta.

  8. What an amazing story Sophie. You’ve managed to free yourself from some of the baggage that we collect as we go through life. Good on you. You all look amazing and if we ever head your way we’ll be looking you up. Thinking of you often. Sam xxx

  9. Wow, what an adventure! Looks like you guys have found paradise. If we ever head your way, we’ll definitely be looking you up. Love to you all xxx

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