Hola from Mexico.

So this is what getting 20 bags through Heathrow looks like – the first trolley of 3 – and yes, your right, it didn’t fit through. The final practical hurdle we faced after selling our trusty camper van and leaving LA for London a few weeks ago..


We then headed to my sister Helen and her fiancee Kevin’s wedding and tried (unsuccessfully) to catch up with everyone in a whistle stop tour!

A massive Thank You to everyone for letting us stay, especially to Jon and Helen, Gino & Lucy (who both took us in as family for hugely extended stays, thank you) and Chris and Carla – who let us share Brookes birthday suite – for the most glamorous accommodation!!

I need to work out synching Samsung with Apple to include more photo’s but Thank You so much to everyone who helped us.



2015-08-25 15.56.12 (1)shardshanna an stephdannyhenrycaddicksjoy

Finally we are back in Mexico after an all too short a stop in the UK.

Sophie managed to secure us the use of another house on the beach for a few weeks, whilst we have the trailer pulled out of ours and the builders start building our little Palapa by the sea.

Transport is sorted out. I’ve rented a car for $8 a day to do the school run and bought Sophie the bike of her dreams for everything else.


The post office yellow colour wasn’t great, but after 2 full days of me sanding it down, undercoating it, then spraying it white twice, all here in the damp tropics, I now need to find a local paint shop to do that job again properly….

Biology education continues for us all, as its egg laying/hatching season for the turtles here.
It looks like the Normandy beaches in 1944 in front of the house, with huge craters everywhere.


The boys have watched turtle eggs being laid and buried in the sand by their mothers,


as well as helping baby turtles, hatching from earlier nests (60 days incubation on average) and then racing to the ocean, mostly by moonlight to avoid being a feast for the birds.

P1000037baby turtle

As a friend recently said, its a nice view from the yard and big sand pit.

Other than that, its been a fantastic settling period over the last few weeks getting into a rhythm for the children, and generating momentum on the house. So far so good, but its early days.

Also, if it helps, its 33C (over 90F), with 100% chance of rain and we are getting eaten by mosquito’s nightly. Nothin’s perfect…



3 responses to “Hola from Mexico.

  1. That is so lovely!!!!

    I am delighted it is all working well and I look forward to more news! It was fabulous seeing you all and I adore you!!!

    Loads and loads of good wishes flying across the pond!!!

    Doda XXXX

  2. Hello lovely Sophie and family

    I haven’t replied to your amazing posts, but thoroughly enjoy them!!!!

    Am so happy for you all, that you can have and cherish all those amazing experiences.

    Keep living!

    Angie Gilchrist

    Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 14:02:45 +0000 To: angiebgilchrist@hotmail.com

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