Sorry we’ve been busy!

Blogging is taking a back seat to building and starting a new life. As is replying to emails, sorry to all and any that are awaiting a reply. This blog is more of a picture book than an update but you’ll get the gist. It’s all we can manage today.

Our  Palapa (a Spanish word of Malayan origin, meaning “pulpous leaf” is an open- sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves )  technically is not now a palapa as there are now several hundred concrete block encasing the ground floor. Eco friendly it ain’t but hurricane proofed it is!


IMG_1436 IMG_1438


IMG_1440 IMG_1441

7 weeks and 2 days till our Christmas guests arrive…we are what’s known as ON IT!

The weather as always here in the tropics oscillates between this..


and this…


which means sadly this ..


but happily lots of this ….


The bugs are as big as your hands. This is a 10 inch moth.


The snakes and raccoons are too fast to photograph..but this guy was happy to hang on to have his photo taken.


Milo’s 8th birthday party shifted forward two weeks to accommodate the numerous parties here in Paamul and a coincidental visit from his dear friend Rollo back home. Lego was the theme, think Russ and I had more fun putting it together than the kids!

3 2 photo1 4 IMGP5460 P1000505P1000442

Obviously violent smashing of a massive Piñata and the hysterical scrabble for crappy sweets obligatory.



P1000550 P1000577

We’re still looking for  our Mexican wheels, our heart’s says this…


our heads say this ….  we’ve got neither, still looking.



Friday nights are still movie nights for the kids of Paamul and a glass of vino or ice cold modelo for the adults. Very much looked forward to by all.


Other than that we’re spending every nights in tweaking the house design and reading..


with our first and only night out in 2 months catching up with wonderful friends, Maggie and Sameer from the UK only just last night. A big shout out for you guys!!


A VERY happy Danby send their love to each and every one with a promise to write more.

And last this photo…just cos it sums it all up really.



6 responses to “Sorry we’ve been busy!

  1. Darlings…

    You are absolutely amazing! I didn’t realise you were building as well!!

    What is your actual address in Mexico??? Forgive my ignorance, but do they have a postal service where you are???

    I Love, love, love you all!!

    Doda XXX

  2. My Dear DanbyCircus, So glad to hear from you! Hope you are weathering the storm, I’m still trying to see where you are on the Map.

    I’ve been busy too, preparing for the visit of Jan & Graham & Rachael & Bob next month.

    Much love.


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