NYC and

We’ve truly improved ourselves this pasts few weeks, immersed in the local culture we’ve done museum after museum, historic landmark after historic landmark.

Sophie found a campervan (RV) park in New Jersey, just over the Hudson from NYC, right next to the ferry station with boats every few minutes that got us across to downtown New York in 15 mins.

3 days of downtown, midtown, Staten Island ferrying, miles of walking, miles of carrying Jonah and keeping up with Milo, negotiating the subways, picnics, restaurants and some fishing in Central Park, we were exhausted.

Incredible, much documented city, what is there left to say.

So as you may know, we’re into foot photo’s. I’ll let the feet do the talking…


Highlights were FAO Schwartz and the M&M superstore, Central Park.

Lowlights were looking for the phone SIM card which fell out in FAO Schwartz coffee shop, Sophie digging around on the floor with a plastic knife and persuading the shop maintenance guy to take the skirting boards off…
Washington DC has The Best steak EVER (Bison steak, ). It also has Smithsonian museums and exhibitions that would interest anyone for weeks. The minerals, gems and crystals section in the natural history even has Danbyite (well, almost) White, wonky, a bit dull and not valuable at all, we were more than slightly disappointed….


From Washington DC and the original Wright brothers Flyer plane, complete with compelling descriptions and interactive Smithsonian stuff all around it, we’re now at Kitty Hawk, the sand dunes where Orville and his brother flew their first plane on a sand bar. We even managed to get hangliding at the spot the brothers first flew and met Chicago’s most talented airman, who made us laugh all afternoon and was the best company, thank you Will……..


Following the outdoor theme, Milo has begun collecting the local wildlife and Lizzie the Lizard has now joined our crew. Look carefully….


Add snakes, bugs, birds, fishing (he caught his first sea fish today), huge wildlife zoos, some of Americas best aquariums, a recent realisation that David Attenborough is getting old and may need a replacement soon and you’ve got one determined naturalist.

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