Georgia at last

The last few weeks have been crammed, so I will get on with it. Recent discussions have resulted in us deciding to buy a new laptop. Something to do with my moaning about small screens apparently – but the next post will have better photo quality!

We met some fantastic new friends in Sam and Katie Cox, their girls Spencer and Elliott plus Sams brother Owen.


Which, combined with the sunshine, was the perfect excuse to use the outside furniture we’ve lugged around;


As a result we stayed on the Outer Banks islands for 10 days instead of 3, and even rented a golf buggy – it’s how the locals get around the islands- for Sophie’s first US driving experience. A few minutes later she was pulled over by the local police for questioning, but here she is just before the ‘incident’…


More wildlife – dolphins just off the beach, 3 dead sharks, just on the beach, hermit crabs, starfish, nesting loggerhead turtles, horseshoe crabs, lizards and bugs but no mosquitoes for ages



Dolphins we’re even playing in the waves where Milo’s was surfing.

Halloween we spent in Myrtle Beach, which is basically Skegness in the sunshine. Shopkeepers hand out sweets to children in the evening so we fought our way through like brave superheroes…


Charleston is very beautiful with its ‘Kensington meets French Riviera’ chic, southern charm and sumptuous housing. Milo and I toured the USS Yorktown to learn WW2 history (he’s sat on the antiaircraft gun…) and also visited a cotton plantation to understand slavery, and modern farming here, though according to the official guide slave conditions weren’t all that bad here….


Right, sorry, said I’d make this brief;
Milo’s birthday, celebrated with a Huge cake at 7am, then again at 7.15, 7.30, 7.45 etc etc. thank you to everyone who sent messages, he was delighted.


Finally we wet up wit Malcolm and Caroline at their house here in Georgia. Fantastic to see them and spend some time especially in their house near an amazing beach and a short bike ride from top restaurants. To add to the Aircraft experiences so far, 500 light aircraft landed here at the weekend for a pilots gathering, plus a WW2 B17 bomber. Perfect boy entertainment and more warfare education.



We’re headed to Florida today, Legoland, Kennedy Space centre, alligators and Mosquitoes…!

3 responses to “Georgia at last

  1. Loving the updates! Sounds like you’re having the best time ever :-)) big hugs to all you . Ps the move is going ahead so there’ll be space in the field for the RV should you wish to bring it back over with you on your return x x x

  2. OMG- it sounds so wonderful – what an education for ALL of you!!! The US Navy ships used to come into Portsmouth Harbour and all the ‘ladies’ from London used to come down to get their ‘gum’!!! But eventually the Naval Police used to meet the trains and turn them back!! Sophie- I am sure the police were enchanted with you!!! Loads of love.. have a great Thanks Giving!!! XXX
    Rho XXX

  3. Looks like you’re having an amazing time! I’ll be in Orlando on the 25th and 1st Dec…..let me know if you’ll be there “hitting the parks”!!

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