Lego Laptops and Elsa

We’ve bought a laptop!!! Sadly it’s Sophie’s and she’s being very protective. So until I can get my hands on it a which will be after hours of configuration – we’re still on the low res photo’s, but a quick update meantime.

Leaving Malcoms house in St Simons Island, with very happy memories (thank you again Malcolm for your patience and generosity) we spotted a Slow Oak Smoked Pork Barbecue place for lunch. Couldn’t say no.


Not sure if any customers noticed that we’d parked outside, but it was a bit embarrassing to step out of the camper van- the door is on That side…..


Bought Milo a surfboard from Ron Jons famous surfshack in Coco Beach Florida, for his7th birthday gift


then headed Orlando way for some Legoland fun. He was very excited and said it was well worth the 2yr wait that we’d put him through.


There was even a safari park that had Rhino’s for Sophie (loves em) and giraffe feeding for the boys


So I should also share that although we have seen much, there have been many hours of driving. After domestic chores are done and schoolwork, shouting, drawing, colouring, shouting, scootering, washing, shouting, arguing and ‘toilet’ are finished we do give the boys a movie to watch whilst we’re on the move. There’s only so much interstate you can look at when you’re 3. The favourite since the launch of this escapade, for Jonah at least, is the movie ‘Frozen’ which is basically a cartoon musical. It’s great the first time. Second time is fine too. I’ve listened to it a thousand times now, as it played behind my ear, but Jonah has now taken on the character of the main role, Elsa.

Aside from singing the theme tune ‘Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Goooooooooooooo’ at the top of his lungs, he’s also loving the new cape that Sophie made him;

St Augustine Fort, a fascinating historical and tactical landmark by the Spanish protecting their trade routes…..or the ideal set for a rendition of….’Let it Go, Let it Gooooooooo’ You decide.


That was for Spencer, who’s here watching him. The fantastic daughter of our friends Katie and Sam Cox.

Also Checking out the local cool camper vans….


Or just down on the beach…..


That aside, we made it all the way down to Key West, where Sophie took the wheel for the first time


Though driving conditions luckily weren’t too challenging


All this after some relaxing cocktails and a sea swim at Miami’s Art Deco chic South Beach (complete with my slightly less chic beer


So we finally reached the end of US highway 1 at Key West. We will be back one day.


This is Milo swimming in the sea just up from Key West at 9am


Sophie also treated me to a boat trip with the boys, who got their first chance to skipper a gaff rigged schooner


…with drinks on board….


followed by dinner and a dance in the local town…..


Having charged through the South; Thanksgiving with Gail in New Orleans (thank you agin Gail x) a few brilliant weeks travelling with Katie, Sam and their lovely girls Spencer and Elliott, and the briefest glimpse of Houston, we’re on the border of Mexico and anxious about doing 1200 miles to Cancun in a week, but more immediately getting across the border a past the troubled areas tomorrow…

Jonah summed it all up for me in New Orleans…..



5 responses to “Lego Laptops and Elsa

  1. I am so happy for you all….. it sounds absolutely idyllic!!!! Loads of love and enormous kisses….. XXXXX

  2. OMG, you are having the best time ever. I was trying to think about what I would write if I was describing the last two weeks. It would go something like;
    Late for School
    Stuck in traffic
    Shopping in Sainsburys
    Late for exersise class
    Got wet walking the dog
    Late picking up from School
    Late going to bed as there seems to be so many chores to do…….

    You Danbys just carry on having a ball, it sounds fantastic. Caroline and Malcolm said they had a great time with you.
    Still haven’t decided on the summer holiday but will keep you posted

    With all our love and kisses and hugs

    The Littles xxx

  3. Hello marvelous Danbies – tis nearly Christmas and we are missing you! Happy Christmas from us all!!! And a very very happy New Year! lots of love, Sophia Jesse Stella Joy Calypso – keep on truckin! xxx

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